Memorandum of Association INNOVARE.

About Association INNOVARE:
"Swiss-Eurasian Innovative Platform INNOVARE" – is a Swiss association, focused on support and promotion of scientific, innovation and investment collaboration between Switzerland and countries of Eurasian Economic Union (i.e. EEU between Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Armenia and Kirghizia), also Ukraine and Baltic countries.

Mission of Association INNOVARE:
We are committed to minimize the impact of political boundaries, as well as economic and bureaucratic barriers, on the international transfer and promotion of innovation through establishing of effective international cooperation and partnership in the field of technological exchange, applied sciences development & transfer of innovations. This is our contribution to the development of an innovative economy and progressive society of the 21st century!

Goals of Association INNOVARE:
The main goal of INNOVARE is to liaise between Switzerland and countries of Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in the fields of research & innovation through organization of intensive international collaboration, focused on support and assistance in development, implementation, commercialization and marketing of innovative technologies and products.

Science, innovations and new technologies should become the fundamental basis of the modern 21st century economy. Meanwhile it remains incredible difficult for many start-ups and scientific teams to raise investments, create industrial partnerships and implement their innovations to the industry and economy. Given the political and economic situation in the world, only international collaboration through technological and scientific exchange and industrial cooperation can become the catalyser of this process.

INNOVARE intends to liaise between all innovation-focused cantons in Switzerland without limited focus on only one geographical part, to act at the same way on the territory of EEU, working and networking with partners from all countries of EEU, and this creates outstanding capabilities to our members and partners for network increase and unlimited access to beneficial opportunities.
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