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collaboration between Switzerland and Russia in Innovation field

November 13, 2017
Venue: RF CCI, Moscow
Specifics: Blue chip event on personal invitation
Programme: Cocktails, Welcome and Keynote Speech, Prize-Giving Ceremony, Elegant Dinner Buffet, Cultural

The Prize

The Jury will choose three winners. The First Prize receiving RUB 2 000 000 for one year. The second Prize receiving RUB 500 000 for two years.
Aim and mission of the Event : The Suvorov Prize is to encourage young researchers and inventors to present creative projects on an international platform and to support the countries' economies, improving both the human and business relations between Switzerland and the Russian Federation.
Guest: more than 200 senior managers and board members, entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, scientists from Switzerland and Russia, a delegation of deputies of the Swiss Parliament.

Welcoming speech: Yves Rossier, the new Ambassador of Switzerland in Moscow.
Introduction: Sergei Glazyev, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Key speakers: Soren Fog, founder of the Swiss Association of Blockbuster and Crypto-Currency. Sergey Gorkov, Chairman of Vnesheconombank (tbc.)
Theme of the ceremony: The potential for the development of block technologies and their implementation in the real sectors of the economy and state authorities.
Suvorov prize innovative swiss-eurosian platform INNOVARE
Beatrice Lombard-Martin,
executive president of the Swiss-Russian Forum:
«The quality of the projects participants of Suvorov Award is growing from year to year. It makes the choice more and more difficult, but at the same time it brings the real innovation layout to the whole event».
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We go on Mars and we don't know where we will be landed

SOFTLANDING in Switzerland is a supporting program for Russian & Eurasian entrepreneurs with the main goal to support them in the process of entering European & global market through establishment of representative office in Switzerland. We work also with blockchain projects in oder to establish them in the most developed banking / finance / money country and to launch ICO.

SOFTLANDING in Russia & Eurasian countries is a personal service for Swiss startups in oder to find local distributors and to make the way to the local markets shorter.
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