Conference "Blockhain: New Oil of Russia"

The All-Russian Conference "Blockchain: New Oil of Russia" will be held for the first time in Kazan - the IT capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. It will take place in August 27th - 29th. 

The event will bring together top managers and leaders of the high-tech companies, representatives of government authorities and developers who will discuss the current challenges of blockchain technology in the world, alternative options for developing business scenarios in this direction, also they will outline the main tendencies and prospects for blockchain, as well as the possibility of structural changes in legislation, caused by new technology.

The key figure of the event is the world-famous Vitalik Buterin - Man of the Year 2016 by Fortune magazine, co-founder of the project Ethereum, who got the World Technology Award in 2014, bypassing Mark Zuckerberg and other applicants. He will talk about the main realities of the development of the blockchain, and will answer to the questions of the conference participants in the format of an open conversation.

The expert community of the upcoming event will include the Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov, the board member of the Crypto Valley Association Soren Fog, the Member of the Ethereum supervisory board Vladislav Martynov, the board member of INNOVARE Swiss-Eurasian Innovative Platform Nelli Orlova and others.

The Hakaton which is a competition of startup projects based on block technology, which will be held on the fields of the conference in several stages. Vitalik Buterin will select personally the best project, and his developers will receive a cash prize of $ 5,000.

How is a blockchain introducing to the world practice today? How has blockchain technologies already used? How does the implementation of blockchain help to keep costs down and prime cost of business dealing, processing financial transactions and document registration? How will the business model change for companies in different areas? How will financial institutions transform into new realities? The participants will try to find answers to these and many other questions within the framework of the All-Russian Conference "Blockchain: New Oil of Russia".


Address: 7, Universitetskaya Str., SEZ "Innopolis", Innopolis, Russia

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