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Smart Cities: Considering the Swiss & French Experience

01/04/2016 The Embassy of Switzerland & Impact Hub Yerevan, in collaboration with the American University of Armenia and the Embassy of France present SMART CITIES: Considering the Swiss & French Experience More

Pitch-Guru Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier advice to startups

06/03/2016 Оne of the main contributors into building up of the Swiss innovative start-up community in his interview with says how a startup can stay afloat at the early stage, build a successful company and not to get lost in the complex infrastructure. More

Wyss Zurich: Turning innovation into practical solutions more quickly

08/12/2015 Wyss Zurich had its official opening yesterday in the presence of Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann and Hansj?rg Wyss, whose donation made the center possible. The aim of the joint development center created by ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich is to take innovative ideas from basic research and apply them in practice as quickly as possible. More

Switzerland and Horizon 2020: recent events and partial association

09/10/2015 Switzerland has a long tradition of cooperation in research and innovation with the European Union. Researchers in Switzerland have been participating in the EU Research Framework Programmes since 1988, either as associated or third country partners. As for the newest programme generation ‘Horizon 2020’, Switzerland is currently considered as a partially associated country. More


08/09/2015 With its PostVenture programme, Swiss Post specifically seeks out fresh ideas to help it develop its range of products and services in its areas of business. It enters into partnerships with young talent and entrepreneurs who want to conquer the market with new business models. More