INNOVARE – is a Swiss association, focused on support and promotion of scientific, innovation and investment collaboration between Switzerland and countries of Eurasian Economic Union (i.e. EEU between Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Armenia and Kirghizia) and other geographical and infrastructural connected countries (Ukraine, Baltic Countries and so).
Our partners
Wide international network, prominent partners in target fields and well-developed collaboration scheme allows INNOVARE to deliver high-quality actual information and provide effective assistance and wide range of services in the field of international scientific and technological collaboration and innovation promotion.
PROMO of our partners.
p.S. We support blockchain projects by different methods.
PLS, conntact us.
INNOVARE provides complex support and assistance for innovative projects of any development stage. We work with seed & early stage projects (start-ups) as well as with growing high-tech companies, expanding their business activities and market presence.
And we started to work with blockchain projects, ICO and etc.

We go on Mars and we don't know where we will be landed

SOFTLANDING in Switzerland is a supporting program for Russian & Eurasian entrepreneurs with the main goal to support them in the process of entering European & global market through establishment of representative office in Switzerland. We work also with blockchain projects in oder to establish them in the most developed banking / finance / money country and to launch ICO.

SOFTLANDING in Russia & Eurasian countries is a personal service for Swiss startups in oder to find local distributors and to make the way to the local markets shorter.

Code of Association INNOVARE - international community of startups, investors and professionals from Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and other eurasian countries.

Business platform INNOVARE, based in Switzerland - one of the leading projects in the field of science, technologies and innovations, - announced the start of its activities on 2015. The main activities include supporting innovative projects from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan) and Ukraine plus Baltic Sea Countries. These activities lay the foundation for creating a unique international space for the development of innovative projects and cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain technologies and etc.
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